Benefits of factoring

The most profound benefits of factoring come from the fact that your business acquires a tactical advantage over your competitors. Your new found cash flow will place you several steps ahead of your competition, whilst they flounder with one cash flow crisis after another.

You will be able to develop new business strategies to enable you to gain market share from your competition, and above all, you will find that your business makes more profit.

It is an opportunity to create cash flow without creating debt!

Benefits of Factoring and improved cash flow The alternative - loans, overdrafts, equity sales
Grows with your turnover, providing you with a constant stream of cash flow - Quantum determined by historical figures
- Does not grow with your turnover
- Resulting in increased cash pressure as your business grows, and possibly closure due to "overtrading"
Can take on bigger contracts in the knowledge that cash flow will not be a problem Lack of cash flow means that you will turn away those lucrative contracts
Increased sales result in increased purchases, meaning greater buying power and lower costs No opportunity to negotiate costs down
Allows you to focus on manufacturing and sales, rather than cash flow Diverts your attention from sales (making money) to cash flow (staying alive)
Independent and professional credit assessment reduces risk of bad debt Greater risk of bad debt
Administration cost carried by CTI Administration cost carried by client
Benefit from our specialised staff Limited access to specialists
Total cost can be recovered through early settlement discounts No opportunity to recover costs
Credit lines from suppliers are cleared enabling you to do turnover previously out of your reach - increase gross profit with no increase in other costs! Suppliers stop supply when credit lines are full - your money is tied up in debtors - you lose market share.
Increase cash flow without losing control Traditionally businesses would bond their personal assets, sell equity, etc. to get a facility that often by its nature will hamstring the business
CT International carries numerous costs such as staffing, stationery, telephones, staff welfare, staff administration, office computers and equipment, postage, etc All costs are carried by client in addition to bank charges and interest costs
Costs are variable with turnover, meaning that if turnover declines, so do your costs Costs are fixed, meaning that if turnover declines you could be heading for trouble

For Small to Medium business owners:

We assist small to medium businesses to grow, by providing 2 essential services that enable these business to do more business and at an improved level of profitability. We are not a bank, we are not affiliated to any bank, we are businessmen. We understand business and what it takes to make your business work.

We are often able to make commercial decisions that banks are not able or willing to do. Contact us now to take advantage of the benefits