Financing Specialists

What we do

We partner with you to enable you to tap into this market by offering same day credit approval, 6 days a week. By doing this, we create the opportunity for sales distributors to achieve the true potential of their businesses by tapping into what would otherwise be an inaccessible market.

The typical business would increase their sales by more than 100% without changing anything in their organisation, simply by being able to offer terms.

Many clients come to us from other organisations, very few leave us, so...

Why do our clients vote for CTI?

We have been financing deals consistently since 1988 creating the security of a long term relationship with CTI. Other credit providers only enter the market when it suits them.

Our clients say that:

  • CTI is more flexible in approving credit, thereby ensuring that they are able to get the highest payouts available
  • CTI offers the fastest turnaround time in both approving credit and paying out
  • With CTI clients have access to decision makers, rather than clerks or salespeople
  • CTI has minimal paperwork and red tape, which makes doing business with us a whole lot easier
  • CTI is able to provide fast and appropriate financial solutions to their businesses
  • CTI knows more about their businesses than they do and that CTI takes an interest in their clients and their success
  • CTI is able to provide a sounding board for business decisions, which is backed up by a track record of proven success
  • It is unheard of for other financial companies to offer motivational presentations
  • Only CTI provides same day credit approval, 6 days a week
  • The way CTI operates enables consultants to spend more time selling, which results in a further increase in sales

Across the board, our clients report:

  • Consultants write more deals
  • A greater percentage of deals are approved
  • Consultants make much more money than with any alternative financial solution
  • They have greater consultant retention because they make more money
  • Greater consultant retention leads to larger and more experienced sales forces
  • Which all leads to a huge increase in profit

The question is: Can you afford not to do business with CTI?

For Small to Medium business owners:

We assist small to medium businesses to grow by providing 2 essential services that enable these business to do more business and at an improved level of profitability. We are not a bank and we are not affiliated to any bank. We are businessmen. We understand business and what it takes to make your business work.

We are often able to make commercial decisions that banks are not able or willing to do. See how you can benefit


  • is fast, flexible and efficient
  • offers motivational presentations
  • offers same day credit approval
  • recognises client performance
  • recognises client loyalty

Would you like to achieve financial success with CTI?