Small and Medium Businesses

If you are reading this, it means that your business has grown. Now more people owe you money, you are at the limit of your credit facilities, and you do not seem to be receiving any financial benefit out of being a business owner.

Your partner and doctor tell you that you're stressed. You think they just don't understand and this is what it should be like.

You are unable to take on extra sales because of cash flow. You are also presented with possible orders, but you cannot decrease the prices. How do big businesses sell at less than your manufacturing cost?

You have tried to extend your bank facilities, but your bank was slow, unsympathetic and unresponsive. They did not understand your situation. Most importantly, they did not place any value in your biggest business asset - the people that owe you money, your debtors.

So your stress increases as your business grows and cash flow becomes increasingly tighter. You are spending more and more of your time trying to balance cash flow issues, instead of managing your business. You may be experiencing a couple of production issues, and thus be in danger of losing key accounts because you have been unable to deliver.

Friends tell you to slow down, but if you do, things will fall apartů

Does this sound familiar? At CTI we understand this situation. It means your business is poised to take off. It is a GOOD situation - all you need is a financial partner with the finance and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Ideally, a partner that will not take your equity in the business - this partner is CTI.

Read on to find out why so many companies have come to CTI, and have reached their full potential.


is often used synonymously with accounts receivable financing and is a form of commercial finance whereby a business sells its accounts receivable (in the form of invoices). The benefit of this is that a business can receive up to 80%, of the invoice value when the goods are delivered rather than having to wait for up to 60 or even 90 days for the debtor to pay. The remaining 20% less our nominal charge is paid to the client when the debtor pays us. Thus, CTI turns your debtors into cash - TODAY.

What we do at CTI

  • we are businessmen and have no bank affiliation
  • we offer immediate cash flow
  • we offer personal relationships with decision makers
  • we offer competitive rates
  • we enable you to benefit from early settlement discounts

What is in it for you?

  • you can free up credit lines from suppliers
  • you can claim early settlement discounts
  • your facility with us will grow with your business
  • you have a personal relationship, not a faceless credit committee
  • you can increase your buying power, resulting in lower input costs
  • most importantly, you will be able to take on orders and tender for business that you would otherwise not be able to

Don't lose time and sales by not doing business with CTI. Contact us now.