What we do

We facilitate the growth of small to medium businesses by providing two essential services that enable them to do more business and at an improved level of profitability. These are:

  1. Providing a cost effective, long term solution to the cash flow constraints associated with selling on credit
  2. Assisting to obtain the cost savings on bulk purchasing, alternatively buying direct

We are not a bank and we are not affiliated to any bank - we are businessmen. We understand business and what it takes to make your business work. We are often able to make commercial decisions that banks are not able or not willing to do.

The cash flow constraints are solved by us giving our client up to 80% of the invoice value immediately once the goods have been delivered, or the service has been provided, thus providing immediate cash flow. We do this by discounting our clients' invoices.

How often have you heard that a company became insolvent through overtrading? Factoring helps avoid this situation

Factoring can also be used to:

  • Finance a BEE transaction
  • Provide finance to a new BEE entrepreneur
  • Raise finance without the need to sell equity
  • Fund a level of business activity which you would otherwise be unable to achieve.

Cost savings on bulk purchasing are achieved through a flexible trade finance facility.

Our experience shows that on average the small business overpays by anything up to 30% for its raw materials. This facility enables our client to realise this saving, and to enjoy the extra profit, alternatively to achieve a strong pricing advantage over their competitiors.

Would you like to benefit from these strategic advantages?

Contact us now to find out how we can help you or to apply for a facility with us.

Consumer Product Finance

We provide finance to most of the Consumer Product Finance industry in South Africa and Namibia covering many products including, water purifiers, convection ovens, distance education, computers, vacuum cleaners, cleaning systems, ozone spa's, educational software, energy saving devices.

Which industries do we deal in...

Textiles, plastics, manufacturing, engineering, packaging, footwear, signage, engineering supplies, commercial rental agreements.