What is Factoring?

Imagine 80% of your business being cash, rather than credit.

What would that be worth to you?

Factoring is probably the single biggest strategic advantage that a company can have over its competition. It effectively converts up to 80% of your credit sales to cash and allows you to concentrate on running your business. It allows your business to punch above its weight.

Factoring is a process whereby you sell your delivered invoices to CT International thereby converting credit sales to cash. The facility grows with your turnover, thereby providing constant cash flow for your business.

CT International will provide a professional credit control and administration service, generally of a better quality than what clients are able to obtain. CT International will collect the payments professionally and on time, leaving you free to concentrate on making money.

CT International will pay out up to 80% of the invoice value on receipt of the paperwork. The other 20% will be paid to you when CT International receives payment from the debtor.

If you want to grow your business and be able to remain focused on it, CT International is the right choice.

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Did you know?

Factoring dates back to 4000 years ago in the days of Harrurabi the King of Mesopotamia. The Mesopotamians went the way of extinct civilisations, but factoring endured. Almost every civilisation that valued commerce has practiced some form of factoring, including the Romans who were first to sell actual promissory notes at a discount. Today factoring exists in all shapes and sizes; as divisions of large financial institutions, or as individually owned and operated entrepreneurial endeavours, such as CT International. Factoring works. It's a tried and tested and proven method of providing finance when it is needed and thereby enhancing your profit.

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